What is I Am Sovereign?

I Am Sovereign is a journey of self-exploration and self-understanding that unites both polarities and sets you free. We offer a way to look at the crystalized identities that were created as strategies to survive the indoctrination of holographic projections from those who capitalize from your inherent ability to create through thought.

We will guide you toward an understanding and rebirth of your true identity where anything you can imagine is possible. You will begin to see how you have been hoodwinked into believing you have no value and release the yokes of bondage that prevent you from a life that is filled with health, love and abundance.

We chose the name “I Am Sovereign” because it was not just a title but an affirmation of the truth of ourselves.

To be Sovereign means to be the ultimate authority. When you understand how to use your consciousness as a source of endless possibilities of experience and you take your authority to play in this field; then life becomes fun and full of purpose.

I Am Sovereign is a system that teaches us how to let go of slavery programs and remember who we  really are.

Currently we are taking personal sessions and are working on classes to help you move into your Sovereignty faster. Sign up for our news letter and we will kep you informned.

Love, Suzie




” I Have had two sessions with this new modality. It’s an alchemical way of digging, releasing, transmuting. Even the deepest, most polar issues can be brought to a singularity. My biggest take always are equanimity, owning my essence, furling my essence. I can be . Huge possibilities. It takes the scattered energy of frantic polar energy and transmutes it to fill the pillar of your core essence. As powerful as peace process, EFT, thetahealing, the Work or Compassion Key, true game changer. Namasplay Simon and Suzie.”      ~    Janet Charette

Torus Field

A torus field is a magnetic field that surrounds and encapsulates all of us. It is the mechanism in which we communicate to the Source of All things. This is why  the importance of being careful stewards of what we allow to have our attention is often mentioned in spiritual groups. This information gets transmitted to the energy that makes up all things in existence and through our thoughts, feelings and desires it matches the vibration and creates more of it for our experience.

We have noticed that many people have their torus field sideways and off center. This affects our ability to create our own experiences.

Holographic Projections

A critical aspect of our process is to show you how to rid yourself of holographic projections that have been enslaving humanity since the dawn of our existence. As time and technology have moved forward, so has the sophistication in which the projections have become.  We guide you on how to free yourself from this control.


Where is Your Soul?

We hear about a soul, someone told us it needs saving, but what is it really and how does it configure with being Sovereign?

These are just a few of many questions we cover regarding the Soul and its importance towards understanding the Sovereignty in which all of us are.

Object Relations

Many of us have been programmed to relate to ourselves as an object. Because we relate to ourselves as objects, we relate to the others and the planet as objects too. What are objects? Objects are things without feeling, to be used at our convenience and then throw away.

Objectification happens to us more often than you may think.  While the objectification of women is  the most obvious they are not alone.  Often times we feel like an object at work. Our employers, for the most part do not see you as anything but an object that makes them money. Why else do you think you are given so few vacation days (if any) or health insurance, or are paid a living wage and then let go after being of service for decades? It is because of the “cost/benefit” analysis.  That my friends is objectification for all of us.

It does not stop there. During the 1970’s Ford Pinto case it was revealed that Ford deliberately chose not to recall those vehicles because it would have been cheaper to pay the lawsuits. That was back in the 70’s when you could still sue a corporation for negligence. Today many corporations are intentionally harming you and your family yet they have legislation that prevents them from being sued. Is that not objectifying every man woman and child?

The fact is this kind of projection has been going on for centuries. There have always been the very few that have taken advantage of the many for their own profit.  How could anyone torture another person unless they saw them as expendable objects? So many times recently and historically where people were tortured, for religious reasons for political reasons, for personal gain.

How much has the generations of objectifying really affected you? We believe that this projection of objectification throughout your family’s history has effected the way you see yourself, your value and your connection to Source.


Crystalized Identity

We have all heard the saying, “go with the flow” and we have all wanted to be in the flow of abundance.  We have these expressions in our culture because fluidity is our natural state. Somehow we got the idea that our security comes from being still. Nothing could be further from the truth.  When we are able trust that the universe operates from a place of kindness, benevolence and compassion then we are able to let go of control and ride the current.

Unfortunately there are many beings who want to usurp your authority and ability to create with consciousness. That is accomplished by offering you security in exchange for your freedom and sovereignty.  They do this by creating events to make you believe that the world is cruel and violent and you have no power to help yourselves.  On a smaller scale, competition is bred in the classrooms where children are made to feel constantly exposed and not good enough.  These are traumatic events that crystalize our identity.  These crystallizations prevent us from being in alignment with the dance of Creation.  It keeps us out of the proverbial flow. It keeps us stagnant and stagnation is the opposite of the energy of Life Force.


Zero Point

Through the energy of benevolence we access the most powerful alignment with the Universal Intelligence that brought two atoms together to create life. This Intelligence puts both magnetic charges at zero point creating fluidity where the energy was stuck. When a negative charge is put at zero point, it takes that charge and puts it back into the flowing state of pure potential where it can be re-purposed for a creation that is more fulfilling.


Sovereignty begins with the understanding of who we are, how we operate and observation of ourselves in all aspects.  Only then are we able to understand and experience the fullness of what and who we are; only then are we able to see and change what we have accepted as truth; only then are we able to experience God and the Unity that is the Supreme Truth; only then do we take back our Sovereignty.

We start first with a simple question:

What is your desire?

This is an important question to answer because all subsequent lessons are based on this. We will show you how to harness the power that brought the atoms together to create life to direct your life. Do not be dismayed at this question but do give it some thought. You can change your answer and redirect those energies at any time.

Now that we have given an aim to our beingness, we can begin to open the door to the amazing, wonderful world of illusion and show you how to play in this field for the experience you create and express.

Are you ready to play in an experience where all attempts to control, alter or destroy your physical self is rendered impotent, where you live in harmony with others who have re-discovered the fountain from which all things come?

Are you ready to let go of all bagage that is keeping you in bondage? Are you ready to make a difference for your life and all life?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, we invite you to sign up for our newsletters. We will be rolling out online classses in the near future. We are currently offering private sessions.

Much Love,

Simon & Suzie

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