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Appointments by Donation

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All appointments are on a donation basis. You pay based on what you can afford and how helpful the appointment was. When your appointment is completed you will be sent an email with a donation button and a survey as to how your appointment went.

Self Love is What It’s All About

Everything that you experience in life is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. When you have the courage to look at the shadows within, something surprising happens, you realize they were all smoke and mirrors. Nothing there but light, love, and wonder.

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A Handbook for learning the Language of Vibration has won three awards and was picked as a reader favorite in the catagory of self-help.

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First Spiritual Rule

Know Thy Self

All ancient text about spirituality give one simple rule: Know Thy Self. With shadow work, you get to know the truth about yourself, and that truth is you are beautiful. Sometimes, you have to face the darkness to see that there is nothing wrong with you. It is the avoidance of seeing the truth about yourself that creates the conflict.