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Vibrational Literacy

What would it be like to be trulyfree? Are you ready to claim your personal sovereignty as a cosmic being? I Am Sovereignoffers simple, yet powerful processes to explore and transmute energy and enjoy the abundant rewards of vibrational literacy. Using the approach described in this handbook, you’ll step into a new reality rooted in love and the infinite possibilities of Source.


The goal of the Am Sovereign Approach is to remove all the layers of crystallized identities that keep you locked in a matrix of limitation.
When you feel good, life is good. 





 Why Crystallized Identities Matter

What to Expect in an Appointment

How many times have you heard that you create your reality with your thoughts? Why doesn’t anyone ever tell you where your thoughts originate from or an effective method of changing the pattern of thoughts? 

The key to understanding thought direction is through understanding how you identify yourself. If your mind is attached to an identification of being less valuable than others, for example, then your mind will be in a feedback loop where your thoughts, beliefs, and point of view will be skewed to that reality. Consequently, your experience in life will mirror the lack of self-value back to you.

When you are mirrored back the experience of being less valuable,  you have two choices; you can observe what is being mirrored to you or you go deeper into the identity of being less valuable , isolating to avoid the feelings that keep you locked in that reality. Each iteration of that feedback loop cycle gets more intense until it forces you to deal with it.

When any of us can recognize that the universe is largely mental (directed by consciousness) and that the only limitations on us are the ones made through the images we hold of ourselves within our minds, then we become free and empowered. That is exactly what I Am Sovereign Approach intends to do: help you understand how you relate to yourself so you can remove the limitations and begin living as your true identity of sovereignty. 

When you take an I Am Sovereign Appointment you will be taken on a journey to discover and integrate the images you hold about yourself, releasing reservoirs of stuck energy systems that you consciously direct into new creations through the Fractal Manifestation Process.




Personal Appointments


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 Get 60 minutes with the Founders Simon or Suzie.


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About Us

Psychospiritual Councelors and Mentors

Both of us were born with natural intuitive ability, and through that sensitivity have sought to understand ourselves and the world around us. We have a deep interest in demystifying complex concepts of life and human nature.

Simon began his spiritual journey when he was twenty-three. Since that time, he has studied the mysticism of ancient Egypt, Sufism, and nondualism and has delved into the writings of twentieth-century psychologists. He has mastered multiple modalities, including neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Omega Healing, and ThetaHealing®.

Suzie comes from a long line of energy readers on both sides of her family tree. She has studied the Qabalah, attended the Berkeley Psychic Institute, became a Science of Mind practitioner, was initiated into giving diksha by Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. She also holds a certificate of science in ThetaHealing®.

After much studying and following the teachings of others, we realized that truth is an individual path. With that, we turned our intuitive powers inward and discovered our inner teachers. This book is the result of our exploration, which integrates heart, mind, and body in the pursuit of truth.

We can show you the way to find your truth, but ultimately, the truth itself will be revealed through dialogues with your own inner teacher.


Simon & Suzie Heilo

Our Classes

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Foundational Class

Duration: 8 Days

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Online: Zoom

Cost: 2142€

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The Truth About Self

Prerequisite: Foundational Class

In this course we work intensively on removing blocks that keep you in a loop of limitation through crystallized identities. We take it step further and move through the layers that need control to allow your personality to be experienced as an instrument played by the vibration of love.

Duration: 3 Days

Cost: 746€

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Become a Teacher

Prerequisytes: Foundational Class and Truth About Self

Duration: 14 days

Cost: 5000€

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Why Choose Us

Limitless Possibilities of Experience

I Am Sovereign is designed to guide you through the steps required to become fluent in the language of vibration. Vibration is the means by which consciousness is directed into form. It is pure life force that is already free, clear, brilliant, and able to flow in any direction you send it. If you understand the mechanics of vibration and how it works in conjunction with consciousness, then you can apply this understanding directly to your life with real, tangible results.

Everything in our world can be seen as particles of energy bound together and vibrating at a rate that makes them seem solid. Even a rock that appears solid and stable is comprised of molecules, which themselves are comprised of atoms whose electrons are spinning around a nucleus. Atoms are neither still nor solid. At the quantum level, they are made of particles.

Problems arise when you have more faith in the physical manifestation of atoms and molecules than the subatomic energy and consciousness underlying them.

 The vibrational translators you use, your five primary senses, feed you information that seems so real that you can easily forget you are living in a world of vibration—if you ever knew it. Most of us were not taught this information, because it was only recently discovered by science.

You lose your sovereignty when you have more faith in what you are manifesting, either as a solid object or an experience, than you do in the vibration that makes the manifestation possible. Also, when you try to distance yourself from our unpleasant manifestations through rejection or avoidance it cuts you off from your access to thrive.  We tend to believe these manifestations come from separate negative creative force external to us or we deny them all together. But we rarely tend to take responsibility for their creation.

Consciousness is the vibration behind all manifestation. You have the innate ability to direct consciousness through thoughts coupled with emotion. While you may direct it into awful experiences based on how you identify yourself, the consciousness itself is always pure and good. When we deny any manifestation of poorly directed consciousness or ascribe it to a different external origin, it stagnates the consciousness. When consciousness stagnates it putrefies and begins to negate life. This is where access to health, abundance, connection and wholeness sever.

When it shows up as an undesirable personality trait, an unpleasant experience, or a problemin your life, the way to reverse the stagnate consciousness is to recognize the current manifestation, no matter how horrible it may seem is not final, it is just a momentary distortion created from a false concept, idea or perception.  Then, honestly acknowledge the manifestation is undesirable and accept it fully.  Then, remember the vibration that was directed into the undesirable manifestation is already pure, good. This can shift the vibration back into alignment to the original life affirming properties of consciousness.

This little formula, which is what we will teach you can change your life.



What People are Saying

“Wow, wow, wow, thank you Suzie Donahue and Simon Heilo for a very powerful healing session! There isn’t any words that can give justice to what I experienced… it was so profound, so expansive. Thank you for reconnecting my essence to wholeness! Blessings, Love & Light xo

Emily DeVargas

CEO of Mind Body Soul Healing

I am so impressed! Suzie and Simon have created a technique that was gentle, and simple. I’ve been meditating using Joe Dispenza’s method for the past several months and have found that to be the quickest way for me to release old personality layers, but this surpassed it.It was easy. I feel profound clarity. I am grateful. Thank you

Ebony Anderson

Empower Your Brilliance, Yoga Studio

There was a point during the session where I was able to truly connect to my God self. . . . .  at this point there is no forgiveness or no healing necessary anymore. I was just in a place of total connectedness!!

Claudia Gittons

ThetaHealing Certificate of Science

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