We Offer Workshops and Personal Coaching on the Language of Vibration  to Help You Master  the Art of Life Design

Don’t struggle. THRIVE

Join the Life Force


Are You Tired of Struggling?

Take a moment right now and assess: How much life force (abundance) is around you right now? Can you feel it in your relationships? In your bank account? In your health? How about the earth and water? Could you use more life force in these areas?

Ask yourself: Where does my abundance come from?

Notice if you named an outside spirit, person, entity, job or thing that is the fountain of your abundance. If you did, then it is a sure sign you have had your creative ability hijacked and you are struggling to chase after fulfillment. When you are chasing fulfillment, life is a struggle.

Not only that, but this dynamic causes confusion, anxiety, guilt and depression.




We want you to remember your power to thrive.

Vibrational literacy is knowing how to consciously direct the life force.

This is  sovereignty.

Atoms are made from particles

Particles are made of energy

Energy is power

Vibrational Literacy is the language of energy

“Vibrational literacy, understanding your personal energy vibration, is an important step toward raising your consciousness and recognizing your true self. I Am Sovereign is a comprehensive method of self-care and personal empowerment based on deep, heartfelt recognition and acceptance of your God-like inner essence. Simon and Suzie Heilo have a rare gift for working with the subtle energy of human consciousness. This work is their gift to the evolution of the consciousness of the world.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Author and Host of Iyanla Fix My Life (OWN)

Going through life feeling powerless to change your circumstances is tough.  When you have been taught that you are powerless through social engineering designed to benefit very few individuals it can leave you with feelings of guilt, shame and depression because you have given up on any hope of a better life. Through our workshop and personal coaching, we can remind you of your intrinsic ability to design your life. It takes some work to power through the layers of crystallized identities to remember your power, but when you do, you have the world on a string.

We offer workshops and personal coaching on the language of vibration to help you master life design.

Join the Life Force!

Access the control panel of reality


  Connect to the endless abundance that powers physical form



Be the force of justice in an unjust world


  Re-align any discordant vibration back into alignment with the life force


 What is it costing you to depend on the current system for your security and safety?

How much anxiety do you experience from feeling powerless over your circumstances?

If you could bring balance back into the environment, wouldn’t you do it?

With vibrational literacy you hold the power over the control panel to your reality.


Here are Three Ways to Become Vibrationally Literate:


Buy the Book!

The book will be released March 27, 2020. You can pre-order your kindle copy now but if you want a hard copy – that will be uploaded soon. Either way the book is not available to be in hand until March 27.

Everything you need to know about Learning the Language of Vibration


♥ Clear instructions to teach yourself the language of vibration

♥ All the tools you need to understand vibration are included

♥ Over 20 Process to improve your life

♥ Join our amazing online community for support

$21.95 Euros


Get Personal Coaching

Private One on One Consultation Bundle

♥ Get five private consultations with founders, Suzie or Simon Heilo

♥ Vibrational transformation requires several steps, feeling, identifying the mistaken idea, concept or perspective that created the false image that is the cause of your discomfort. This can take several consultations.

♥ Each consult is sixty-minutes long

♥ Consultation is done online through  Zoom

♥ Cost 555€ (includes vat)



Take a Workshop!

I Am Sovereign Vibrational Literacy Workshop – Live Online

Learn directly from Simon and Suzie Heilo

In this course you will be given all the tools you need to become a force of change for yourself, your tribe and the planet.


♥ From the comfort of your own home take a class!

♥ No flight or hotel costs !

♥ Join an amazing online community of kindred spirits!


I am so impressed! Suzie and Simon have created a technique that was gentle, and simple. I’ve been meditating using Joe Dispenza’s method for the past several months and have found that to be the quickest way for me to release old personality layers, but this surpassed it.It was easy. I feel profound clarity. I am grateful. Thank youEbony Anderson

Empower Your Brilliance, Yoga Studio

How it Works


“Wow, wow, wow, thank you Suzie Donahue and Simon Heilo for a very powerful healing session! There isn’t any words that can give justice to what I experienced… it was so profound, so expansive. Thank you for reconnecting my essence to wholeness! Blessings, Love & Light xo Emily DeVargas

CEO of Mind Body Soul Healing

Join the Wonderful I Am Sovereign Community
There was a point during the session where I was able to truly connect to my God self. . . . .  at this point there is no forgiveness or no healing necessary anymore. I was just in a place of total connectedness!! Claudia Gittons

ThetaHealing Certificate of Science

About Us

Psychospiritual Councelors and Mentors

Both of us have a high sensing ability that made it difficult to be in a world that does not appreciate the non-conformist. We didn’t mean to be non-conforming, we just felt deeper and saw things differently. This set each of us off individually on a journey to fit in which only created more suffering and struggle.  We felt powerless, unhappy and frustrated with life.  This frustration led us on a journey of self discoverey where we came into contact with some ancient texts from Egypt. After some years of diciphering the meaning, we finally understood it. And now we pass this invaluable information off to you.


Simon & Suzie Heilo

The Meaning of Our Logo

The Meaning of Our Logo

“the vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings and nonhappenings: it is the empty theater and empty Universe intercoordinatingly ready to accommodate any act and any audience.”
Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Who are you? When asked this question, let’s say at a social event, do you respond by offering your name, where you work, what hobbies you enjoy, or your religious affiliation and associations? And are those details representative of the truth of your being? We all...



Personality Most of us are unwilling to observe the parts of our personalities that are less evolved as we wished they were. This lack of awareness about ourselves is a great loss because this is exactly where the power to transform our lives is available.  When...