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Award winning I Am Sovereign Book
A finalist in the National Indie Book Awards, as well as the International Book Awards, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and receiving a five-star review from Readers Favorites, our book is a great way to understand vibration and learn who you are and of what you are capable of.

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All our online courses are designed through Learn and Get Smarter’s Master Design Formula®, a well-thought-out instructional design process that utilizes the natural way the brain works to acquire online information. This makes learning fun and easy to absorb. We also offer personal consultations after each lesson, access to our private online chat group for support, to make connections, and to trade practice sessions with other Sovereign Practitioners.

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Our Specialties

Learn About Your Power

  • The Magic of Being
  • Consciousness vs Awareness
  • The Fear Factor
  • Essence
  • The Matrix of the Mind
  • Fractals: The Design of Creation
  • Integrating the Inner Child
  • Feelings, the Secret Sauce to Creation
  • Vibration – In the Beginning Was the Word and the Word is God.


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We offer free courses, (coming soon)  free bi-monthly Vibratory Attunement, premium online courses and personal consultations to help you remember your power to design your reality from the consciousness of the life force.


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Make Your Own Opportunities

When you understand who you really are, and how consciousness works you realize your ability to design reality.






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