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Join the Life Force

What does it mean to join the Life Force©?

The Life Force© is an I Am Sovereign lingo for actively participating in changing the paradigm to one of love, beauty and justice through understanding your power as a self-conscious being.


“Vibrational literacy, understanding your personal energy vibration, is an important step toward raising your consciousness and recognizing your true self. I Am Sovereign is a comprehensive method of self-care and personal empowerment based on deep, heartfelt recognition and acceptance of your God-like inner essence. Simon and Suzie Heilo have a rare gift for working with the subtle energy of human consciousness. This work is their gift to the evolution of the consciousness of the world.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Author and Host of Iyanla Fix My Life (OWN)

Life as we Know it is Changing.


Is the corona-virus man made, natural, agenda 21, agenda 30, – what ever it is does not matter. All manifestation is a spectacle of our phantasmagorical thoughts. And the reality in which you are reading this is not THE reality, it is simply a projection of our collective thoughts and ideas, images in the playground of appearances.

It is all a giant feedback loop system

This reality is designed as a big feedback loop system. When you are unconscious of how you are directing and investing consciousness, every iteration of negatively directed consciousness gets progressively more intense until a crisis of such magnitude  forces you to re-evaluate and change.  Are you there yet?

You have always had the power

When you understand how consciousness works, you can intentionally direct and invest that vibration. You can take the strength of lower vibrations like sickness, or 5G and redirect that vibration into manifestations rooted in love and justice.

It only takes a few of us

Out of the eight billion souls on the planet it only takes 140,000 of us consciously investing and directing consciousness to change the paradigm. It is the magic number of influencers taking stuck, toxic vibration and re-aligning it to love to change reality. Are you ready to commit to being an influencer for yourself, your family and your tribe?


We want you to remember your power to thrive.

Vibrational literacy is knowing how to consciously direct the life force.

This is  sovereignty.

Atoms are made from particles

Particles are made of energy

Energy is power

Vibrational Literacy is the language of energy

I Am Sovereign, A Handbook for Learning the Language of Vibration shows you how to use vibration to change the paradigm personally and globally.  We go deeper to reveal the mechanics of manifesting and how to transform toxic and destructive frequencies back into alignment to love.

 You are the writer, director and actor in your own play. You may as well do it consciously.

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