#1 Secret to Happiness

#1 Secret to Happiness

What does it take to find happiness? Believe it or not, the answer has been staring us in the face this whole time. The sun. The sun is our principle light source and is responsible for life on this planet.

The Sun has always been an emblem for regeneration. From the Emerald Tablet of Hermes and both Testaments in the Bible calls God the “sun of life and light,” and in many other sacred books, the sun is a principal emblem of Deity. Even dynasties and Kingdoms had emblems of the sun to communicate their power.

Happiness and Peace of Mind

Think about that. The sun has always been an emblem of regeneration and true power.

The operation of the sun happens through an endless loop of energy, like a circuit constantly communicating to you and transmitting from you.

When you are able to consciously acknowledge this circuit of life force energy coming from the sun and form a relationship to the sun, the rewards could be endless. If the ancients and the Bible are correct, suggesting that the sun has regenerative properties of life, properties science backs up; then it would behoove us to ignore the power of the Sun.

Perhaps if we began to consciously acknowledge and hold gratitude for the Sun, the life force energy that the sun is would begin to circulate through us and we become channels for the divine, transforming everything that is toxic to life into life affirming abundance. That is sure to induce happiness!

It certainly can’t hurt anything to be conscious of this loop of energy we are constantly receiving and constantly transmitting.

The solar energy enters our bodies through your eyes, skin and food we eat.  Most of us are aware of how exposure to the sun creates vitamin D.

Happiness and Chlorophyll Connection

Chlorophyll is another substance created from a plants ability to convert sunlight into a food. Even carnivores, be a human being or a lion eat meat that came from an animal that ate plants full of chlorophyll. Humans eat beef and lions eat wildebeests; both are plant eating animals. Be it spinach, beef or a wildebeest, we are processing sunlight into bones, tissue and energy for the mitochondria. I encourage you to click the link explaining how plants and their ability to transform sunlight is the basis for life on planet earth.  It really puts into focus the importance of this circuit of energy between the sun and life. And the more connected to life we are, the more natural happiness and peace we experience.

As the energy of the sun flows through our bodies it powers everything we think do and say. And that energy flows back to the sun again and this circuit of energy is what powers the phenomena of human experience.

Imagine what would happen if you were consciously participating in that loop of energy exchange by acknowledging, honoring and sending gratitude and blessings to the sun? How would your life improve from that one simple act?

It can be said that solar energy shines within us and our energy is the energy of the sun. This means the very same energy that lights the Sun is the very same energy of the light that we are. That is an idea that brings us closer to understanding our sacredness.

Through my own experience, when I take a few moments to appreciate the sun, and acknowledge everything I do is powered by the sun, I feel ever increasing levels of peace joy and happiness. No matter what is going on around me. Things just work out.

The number one secret to more Happiness? Take a few minutes a day to appreciate the sun. You can also book an appointment.

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