Being Sovereign is About Bringing Heaven to Earth

To be sovereign is to understand and put to use powers you hold to create your reality.

I Am Sovereign is devoted to help you gain clarity on how to clear the way to become a channel of the Life-force to reverse the experience of lack, ill health, lack of connection, environmental collapse and any other crisis affecting you today.

We all have the power of focus, problem solving, reason, desire, and when you know how to direct your own self-consciousness to align to the Life-power, you can become a walking transformer. Every step you take becomes a blessing for the earth, your family, your tribe and yourself.

We choose the name I Am Sovereign because it is not just a name but a declaration of who you are beyond any attachments to outdated ideas of self incrimination.

I Am Sovereign is a very practical path toward a life-style of being in conscious control of your destiny by creating an energy field of pure life-force transforming old toxic vibrations back to the divine.

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Simon & Suzie


  1. Universal Peace.
  2. Universal Political Freedom.
  3. Universal Religious Freedom.
  4. Universal Education.
  5. Universal Health.
  6. Universal Prosperity.
  7. Universal Spiritual Unfoldment.


When we, as individuals can understand who we really are, and practice conscious direction of that power, we could change the world to reflect heaven on earth.

When you consider that our physical reality is constructed from atoms, which are 99.9999999% pure space, you get the idea that we are living in a holographic universe.

Together, we can change reality from toxic to abundant for all life.


Suzie Heilo

Suzie Heilo is a very gifted intuitive psycho-spiritual counsellor.

Anyone who has worked with Suzie Heilo recognizes she has a real gift of intuition. Born with the sign of Neptune on her foot and strong in her Natal chart is an indication of her natural and accurate psychic abilities. Suzie  has focused those abilities to be able to help anyone work through the core of the issue creating strife in their life.

Mrs. Heilo has dedicated her life to helping others see into the core issues behind disease, pain, addiction, trauma’s and old patterns based on false ideas about the self.

When you book a session you get Suzie’s rare gift of sight to help guide you back to your sacred and unencumbered self.

Suzie lives in Bremen Germany with her husband Simon and their two cats, Ajna and Mithra.