Are You Ready?

I am Sovereign is Self Acceptance
Life is Fun When You Know Who You Are

To Know Yourself is to Love Yourself

As you are held in a space of love, you are guided to see what is behind those masks of perceived darkness, and then you are shown how to find the pattern of that perception and the effects it has had on your life. When you are able to find the pattern, see the incongruities of the conclusion reached from an events that shaped your life, you can see how YOUR perception has created the experiences of your reality.
  When this knowledge hits, you realize you have been sovereign this whole time. You are sacred and have the ability to direct your consciousness.

Then you are guided to the energy that is responsible for the beat of your heart.  As you explore this vibration, your experience of love, peace and connection also expands.
An I Am Soveriegn Appointment is a real gift to yourself. A steady guide through what at first seem like turbulent seas within, end up being powerful allies in your recovery toward the sacred and blessed being you are.

I Am Sovereign
Everyone is Invited

All Appointmets are on a Donation Basis

All appointments are done on a donation basis.After the appointment is complete, you pay based on two criteria;

  1. How effective was your appointment?
  2. How much can you afford based on your current income?

During this time of global transition we want everyone to be able to participate in the reconnection to their essence through knowing themselves.As each one of remembers our divine essence we become connected and that connection becomes a conduit for the Life-force to manifest through us.