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Thriving During These Turbulent Times

Thriving During These Turbulent Times

Practical instructions to keep yourself, your family and your tribe thriving, during these turbulent times.


The planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are ever active in the year 2020 and wreaking havoc. So far we have had fires, hurricanes, and super storms and let’s not forget about the global pandemic. What if you knew the one simple trick to be able to use the powerful energies of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter to remove all restrictions, to keep you and your family thriving during these turbulent times, would you do it?

We invite you to watch this video and step into your sovereignty.

You Have Always Had the Power

Don’t spend another minute waiting for the next horrible, life changing event to happen. Take the reigns in hand and start using the vibrations of the current constellations to increase the freedom, beauty and abundance in this world. We have a rare opportunity to reverse the damage we have done to the water, the earth and our environment. We have an opportunity to bring justice and balance to our world and reverse all insanity to wisdom, health and prosperity to all life. Watch this video to get practical instructions to keep yourself, your family and your tribe not just safe but thriving, during these turbulent times.

Don’t Get Side Tracked

There is nothing more important to get savvy on than the information in this video. Put the information into practice and join the Life Force. When you do, you become a real channel for change. Don’t let this opportunity to reverse all restrictions pass you by. Accept the challenge today.

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How to Change Your Reality Through Vibrational Literacy

How to Change Your Reality Through Vibrational Literacy

We live in a world where corporate greed has eclipsed common decency. If it were possible to bottle air and sell it, you can be sure there would be a collusion between corporate interests that would be polluting the air on purpose to raise the price for air you need to live. But there is a way to get your power back. Vibrational Literacy gives you access to the control panel of reality. In this blog we will give you the secrets on how to change your reality through vibrational literacy.

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Join the Life Force!

You are in the God Training Course in the Holodeck. You got lost in the appearance of physical form seeming so real that you totally forgot who you are and the powers you actually have. But now your reality is crumbling from corruption, environmental collapse, disease, wars, economic oppression and so on. Now more than ever you are looking for the owners manual or the escape hatch.  To clarify, there is hope.

The good news is, no matter what we do here on planet earth, it is always temporary. That is the nature of illusion.  The better news is that the I Am Sovereign approach to vibrational literacy can reorient you back to the captain’s chair once again. For example, when you know the language of vibration, you can speak directly to the energy instead of relying on matter.

Atoms are Energy

Everything in existence is made up of energy. The chair you are sitting on, the ground you are walking on is comprised of atoms that are vibrating at a rate that makes them seem solid, but in fact they are vibrational frequencies. We have known since the 1800’s that atoms are 99.9999999% pure space. Therefore, the reality where you are reading this is not the reality.  

The reality is primal consciousness. Primal consciousness can be likened to electricity and our thoughts, which derive from how we have come to identify ourselves, are the cords that the plug into primal consciousness to turn thoughts into things and experiences.  In addition, you become masters of your reality when you put more faith in the energy that makes up reality than the object that the energy produces.

How You Identify Yourself is Everything

How does it work? You have to understand some fundamentals about how primal consciousness works in our physical reality (the holodeck). Above all, take a good self-inventory and recognize how you have come to identify yourself. Hint: if it is not in alignment with love, then there is a false idea, concept or perspective that needs to be found out. If you don’t do this you will keep creating more of the same experiences. You cannot stop creating anymore than you can stop breathing for a prolonged time.

It is all a Giant Feedback Loop

The second and very important understanding is that every experience, every manifestation is all made possible through our own direction of primal consciousness through our thoughts. Your thoughts derive from how you identify yourself. Keep in mind primal consciousness is ever noble, ever honorable and already liberated – until we deny our creations- or avoid them- or assign a different source to any of them – like the devil or aliens. Nothing is going except a feedback loop of your own erroneous ideas, thoughts, concepts and perceptions that make up your identity.

Everything is Energy

The thing that keeps us disconnected from our natural access to health, abundance, wholeness and connection is our denial, avoidance and assigning a different origin to any manifestations even the ones who appear evil. When we do that, the primal consciousness stagnates and when consciousness stagnates it decays. When consciousness decays, it becomes inverted. Inverted consciousness becomes an anti-life force. Our world is crumbling under corruption, war disease, human trafficking, eroding freedoms, and looming environmental collapse because we have too much stagnant consciousness that needs to be put back into alignment to primal consciousness.

The Sovereign System of Transformation is a great method of realigning inverted consciousness back into its noble and already liberated state.

Formula for Transformation

R– Recognize the presence of the vibration and that it is not what you would consciously choose.

A – Acknowledge that the current vibration is not the final truth. It is a temporary manifestation created from mistaken ideas, thoughts, concepts perspectives and identities.

R– Remember the energy that powers of every creation, no matter how horrible it may seem is ever noble. When any discordant manifestation is denied, avoided or assigned a separate force it causes the vibration of primal consciousness to invert. Inverted consciousness becomes an anti-creational force. This is what severs access to health, abundance, peace, connection and beauty.

A– Accept the vibration and your participation in the creation of any discordant vibration completely. This will put the errant vibration back into alignment with the original noble vibration of primal consciousness. This is how we change the paradigm.

A– Allow love to flow through your personality to the extent you are able. The more love that can fill your personality the more magical and juicy life is.

This is how vibrational literacy gives you access to the control panel of reality.

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