The Meaning of Our Logo

The Meaning of Our Logo

While creating the logo for I Am Sovereign, we wanted the heart to be the central point because it is through trusting your own hearts wisdom is the best place to anchor your beingness. When we become identified with the wisdom of the heart, we resonate that intelligence to the brain and body. As a species, our real power to exit the matrix of fear is through our ability to align to love. Through love we come to embody our value as the unified field sees us. It is through love we can raise our frequency to transcend the mundane into the extraordinary. It is through the expression of love, kindness, gratitude, and compassion that we raise our vibration to experience life in awe. 

The second focal point in the center of the heart is the vector equilibrium, a symbol created by Buckminster Fuller that represents the structure of manifestation. I quote Buckminster Fuller,  “the vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings and nonhappenings: it is the empty theater and empty Universe intercoordinatingly ready to accommodate any act and any audience.” 

Our emotions are precious because they are the mechanism that influences the vector equilibrium out of balance, giving the energy required to make something manifest.  

The wings are an homage to the Egyptian Winged Sun, representing divinity and royalty. And if the wings were not enough to symbolize your inherent value, we added the crown on top. You are so valuable. You matter. As soon as you can embody that value, new revelations will come forward. 

Who Are You?

Who Are You?

Who are you? When asked this question, let’s say at a social event, do you respond by offering your name, where you work, what hobbies you enjoy, or your religious affiliation and associations? And are those details representative of the truth of your being?

We all tend to define ourselves by our names, occupations, roles, relationships, and beliefs. Are these descriptive of the energy that drives your heartbeat, or can they bring two cells together to create a new life?

How You Identify Yourself Has Huge implications

The standard response to the question “Who am I?” is with some sort of local, temporary identification. Being attached to any identity such as this prevents the truth of your essence from coming forth. As long as we limit ourselves to a finite description of ourselves, we will perpetuate our current, relatively powerless paradigm. The truth is that while we can be defined by those types of characterizations, which would include roles like husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, and so forth, and while it often helps us in our social interactions to communicate on the level of those details, we are also so much more. Transcending each of our fixed, local, and temporary identities assists us in moving through our limited human perceptions much faster.

Trauma and Identities

It is common to create an identity attached to traumas we have experienced. We merge with our experiences and come to know ourselves through them. In the case of trauma, we may define ourselves as wounded, broken, or resilient. When we refer to ourselves enough by a name or a feeling, this idea becomes crystallized within the psyche. Once we attach our meaning to one of these concepts, it becomes a reference point for the origin of our thoughts, beliefs, and general outlook of the world.

This is an important distinction because who we believe ourselves to be can be a source of limitation. If you define yourself as insignificant from a childhood trauma, then your thoughts will originate from this wound. You then create beliefs, emotions and experiences to support that reality.

Softening up these hard, crystallized states of being allows for more fluidity in every aspect of our participation with life.

Removing Negative Identities

Fill in the blank with a characteristic that you believe describes you: I am __________.

Now, bring that statement into your heart and feel if it is heavy or light.

If it feels heavy or dense, it is not your truth. If it feels light, it is.

When an undesirable quality shows up as “light” then recognize the resonance within yourself.

Acknowledge it is a temporary aspect of your personality, and accept it is there. Remember at its root, this undesirable quality is Source energy and you have a temporary distortion of that energy.

Bring that original statement back to your heart. Is it heavy or light?




Most of us are unwilling to observe the parts of our personalities that are less evolved as we wished they were. This lack of awareness about ourselves is a great loss because this is exactly where the power to transform our lives is available. 

When we are unaware of what is within, even if it is unflattering and downright ugly in its current form, it shuts us off from being able to love and respect ourselves. In fact, this denial adds to the troubles of the world in a very direct way. 

Everything in existence is consciousness concentrated into form. Consciousness is a vibration and within that vibration is energy. Everything in our physical reality is ever flowing and changing and never fixed because it is vibration. 

When we reject any aspect of our reality, we are cutting off the movement of the life force (vibration) within that consciousness. When consciousness concentrates into form and we reject it, stagnates and becomes rancid. It negates life. 

This is how the denial of anything disconnects us from the life force and adds to the troubles of the world. 

Source is much like electricity. It is an energy that powers our reality but it is not responsible for how we use that energy. When we intend to use electricity to help or heal, it does this. When we intend to use this energy to hurt and harm, it does this too. Electricity itself is unattached and without judgement on how it we use it. 

For beauty and joy to exist, its opposite ugliness and sorrow must also exist. We, as conscious creators, are free to create from the palate of duality in any combination of experience we choose. 

We often create destructively because of false identities that weave wrong concepts, ideas, and perceptions that inadvertently manifest as evil. 

The secret to reversing all semblance of evil is to be honest and recognize it when you see it, acknowledge it is temporary, accept it exists and remember it is rooted in Source. All forms in physical reality are temporary. When we are honest about what exists within and around us and accept it through understanding its roots are in the vibration of Source, it changes back into alignment with all the life-giving properties. 

Start by recognizing any resonance within yourself to greed, blame, self-pity, insolence, envy, pride, hostility, gluttony, bitterness, lust, or selfishness. Recognize the resonance within you. Acknowledge its presence. Accept it. Know it is temporary. Remember, it is rooted in Source. Now, take this same formula and apply it to the outer world.

As each of us commits to this, it reanimates the lifeless back into the vibration of the energy that drives our heartbeat. 

When we can remember that evil is a temporary distortion of the energy flowing from Source, it is possible to accept it fully and through that acceptance it transforms, transmutes and transfigures. What was once malicious is now delightful and life affirming. 

This knowledge sting out of spiritual work. No need to condemn yourself for having less evolved aspects in your personality. No need to deal with the inner critic and transformation becomes effortless. No need to fixate on anything because nothing is irreversible. 

Anytime we are in avoidance of what we find unpleasant, destructive, or undesirable we are unconsciously creating a loss of life force in our reality.

Evil through the Eyes of Love

Evil through the Eyes of Love

How would Love Look at Donald Trump? 

Continuing from my last blog, Resonating with love, I asked my heart center, how does Love look at Donald Trump?

Very first was a deep resonance of compassion for the president. Then, an image of the devil appeared.

The appearance of this image may seem like a judgement, but it was not. Like all superficial appearances, there is more beyond the surface.

The father of lies is what we know the devil as. The word devil comes from the Latin Diabolos, which means a transducer or a slanderer.

This suggests that the devil is the source of falsehood and mental confusion. What is the original lie that is the father of all lies?

It is the acceptance of the idea that matter is the only reality and Spirit is an intellectual abstraction. This is the error in thinking that begets all other errors in thinking. In this light, ignorance is the real devil, ignorance of the truth that all matter is spirit condensed into form. Even that which we judge as evil is still spirit behind the distortion.

When we remove the “D” from devil, we find the word evil. When we see the word evil, we reject what comes next. This is exactly where we revert to the original lie, that keeps us in ignorance. That matter is more real and powerful than spirit.

When we reject anything, we are really rejecting spirit.

Imagine spirit as electricity. It is an energy we can use to help and an energy we can use to harm. The energy itself is already pure and full of potential.

By denying anything through rejection, we inactivate essential energies and creative forces it contains, so they stagnate. Since matter is really the concentration of spirit, when it stagnates it putrefies and becomes unproductive.

As self-conscious beings, we have power over the way this energy flows and condenses into form based on our own attitude of the energy behind the manifestation. If it appears as evil, and we reject it then we are adding to the stagnation of the energy originally distorted by Trump.

When we can accept that the energy behind the 45th presidents destructive agenda is the energy of spirit which is intrinsically good and life affirming, then we can reverse all semblances of what we perceive as evil.

Don’t give him more power to be destructive by rejecting him. Acknowledge his behavior is undesirable, but it is still rooted in Source. Then acknowledge the same qualities within yourself, to what ever degrees and recognize that those inner undesirable qualities are also rooted in Source. This is how you take your power back. This is how we can reanimate the life force on this planet.

When I looked at Donald Trump through the eyes of love, this is what I saw.

The Vortex of Love

The Vortex of Love

Have you ever tried naming the qualities of Love? It is a game changer.  

Imagine a person or animal that you love. Bring up the energy and then name the qualities of the energy.

  • Is it heavy or light?
  • Expanded or contracted?
  • What color is it?
  • How does the energy move?
  • Where do you feel that in your body? 
  • How much vitality is there?
  • How abundant is it? 

As I sat naming the qualities of love, an amazing thing happened. I started to have a more intimate relationship with love. As I was noticing the subtle and not-so-subtle qualities, I began to dance with the very substance of life. It was as if I was sucked into a vortex that was aligning every part of me. While I had oodles of love for my mind, my consciousness, I noticed very little for my physical body. 

While in the vortex created through the naming of the qualities of energy within love, I brought my physical body within that vortex and began to shower my body with love. I could feel my physical vehicle aligning and integrating with vitality.  Parts that were tired came alive. 

It was a profound and enlightening experience. 

Changing Judgement

Changing Judgement

This morning I woke at the crack of dawn only to discover we are out of coffee! Without skipping a beat I went to the store.

Carefully, I selected my coffee and approached the register. Much to my chagrin, only one checker was working, and the line had two folks in front of me with huge carts full of groceries.

I hoped even expected the customers in front of me to be kind and let me go first; I had only one item. No one did unfortunately. I felt incensed and began judging. “How Unconscious!” I thought. Then came the spiritual superiority judgement, “I always grant this kindness to others.”

In this second, I caught myself. Suddenly, I remembered for the next 30 days that I am committed to changing my reality through love. Instead of judging those people in line, I expressed love. My heart opened like a rose fully washed in the light of the sun.

I noticed my body loosening up; I felt lighter, and no longer stressed. I felt glorious. Within 30 seconds, another cashier arrived and selected me for her first customer.

On my way home, every traffic light was green.

Hmmm, maybe there is something to this.