I Am Sovereign
Thriving During These Turbulent Times

Thriving During These Turbulent Times

Practical instructions to keep yourself, your family and your tribe thriving, during these turbulent times.


The planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are ever active in the year 2020 and wreaking havoc. So far we have had fires, hurricanes, and super storms and let’s not forget about the global pandemic. What if you knew the one simple trick to be able to use the powerful energies of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter to remove all restrictions, to keep you and your family thriving during these turbulent times, would you do it?

We invite you to watch this video and step into your sovereignty.

You Have Always Had the Power

Don’t spend another minute waiting for the next horrible, life changing event to happen. Take the reigns in hand and start using the vibrations of the current constellations to increase the freedom, beauty and abundance in this world. We have a rare opportunity to reverse the damage we have done to the water, the earth and our environment. We have an opportunity to bring justice and balance to our world and reverse all insanity to wisdom, health and prosperity to all life. Watch this video to get practical instructions to keep yourself, your family and your tribe not just safe but thriving, during these turbulent times.

Don’t Get Side Tracked

There is nothing more important to get savvy on than the information in this video. Put the information into practice and join the Life Force. When you do, you become a real channel for change. Don’t let this opportunity to reverse all restrictions pass you by. Accept the challenge today.

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Chanting – A Great Way to Raise the Vibe!

Chanting – A Great Way to Raise the Vibe!

Your body is designed to be a resonance chamber. Let’s raise the vibe and resonate high vibes for the planet!
Sound is possible because of vibration. The first words of the bible are “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God”. This suggests that vibration is the Source of all. Words are only possible because of the vibration of the larynx.
Let’s put our ability to bring light to our lives and the world by invoking sacred sounds and sending out these vibrations through our bodies!
Hinduism has some of the most beautiful chants that have such profound resonance! Below you will find 3 different chants along with the lyrics and their meaning. Below that are Christian Chants and a Qabalistic chant. (Sorry I could not find any Muslim chants and many Buddhist chants are the same as Hindu chants.)
Hindu Chants
Om mani padme hum
Om mani padme hum
Om mani padme hum
Om mani padme hum
Om mani padme hum
Om mani padme hum
Om mani padme hum
Om – Generosity
Ma- Ethics
Ni- Equanimity
Pad- Diligence
Hum Renunciation of greed
GAYATRI MANTRA (Tinal Malia and Shimshal)
Om bhur bhuvaha svaha
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat
Gayatri mantra suggests
Bhoor, this implies existence, and signifies Prana, life, or life breath.
tat, meaning “that”, This word tat and prayer indicates a selfless belief and practice, the mantra as well as the holy word “Om”, is given to God with pure direction.
Savitur indicates God’s existence as a fountain, which springs forth all life and all things, which we go from and go back to.
Bhargo is the purifying of the intellect, as ore is refined in the flames, we to are purified by the words, destroying all sins and afflictions, we are cleansed by His grace and are in unity and oneness
Om Na Ma Si Vi Ya (Kathy Zeveda – 108 times)
Traditionally, it is accepted to be a powerful healing mantra beneficial for all physical and mental ailments. Soulful recitation of this mantra brings peace to the heart and joy to the Ātman or soul. Many Hindu teachers consider that the recitation of these syllables is sound therapy for the body and nectar for the Ātman.[16][failed verification] The nature of the mantra is the calling upon the higher self; it is the calling upon Shiva.
In Siddha Shaivism and Shaiva Siddhanta Shaivism traditions, Namah Shivaya is considered as Pancha Bodha Tatva of Lord Shiva and his universal oneness of five elements:
• Na sound represents earth
• Ma sound represents water
• Śi sound represents fire
• Vā sound represents Pranic air
• Ya sound represents sky or ether
Its total meaning is that “universal consciousness is one”.
The five-syllable (Panch Akshara) form, omitting the Om
In Shaiva Siddhanta, the five letters also represent:
• Na is the Lord’s concealing grace
• Ma is the world
• Śi stands for Shiva
• Vā is His revealing grace
• Ya is the Ātman or soul
Christian Chants
An expression of rejoicing
Kyrie Eleison
From Greek Kurie eleeson “Lord, have mercy”
Qabalistic Chants
Oh, Thou within whom all creation resides, Where art thou not? We see thee in the sunrise and sunset, glowing through the heavens and radiating through the stars, weaving thy robes of mystery in thy lakes and meadows, flashing thy brilliant hues and bewildering arrays of splendor, singing the melody of creation through flying, creeping and walking garbs of thy beingness, teach us we pray to know with ever greater measure that it is thou that sees through our eyes, hears through our ears, speaks through our lips, teach us to know that whatever we touch – this is holy ground.
I intone thy sacred name. I affirm thy power in me, I attune my heart to thee, oh thou who’s secret name is ohaya, thou who art the one the only, listen to my call as I chant thy holy name (o-haya)
I reach to thee divine father yod hay va hay (yode hay wah-hay) lift me to thy throne as I chant thy holy name (Yode-hay wah-hay)
Oh Elohim, divine womb of creation provide me with thy love as I chant thy holy name (eee-low hee-ee-im)
Hold me oh Adonai fold me in thy light as I chant thy holy name: A-do-nai
Let us attune ourselves to the vibratory frequencies of creation. Oh sacred messengers of God, Oh Holy Ones, Archangels of the sun and moon and stars oh life of wind and sea and flame and form bestow thy grace on me. Thy magical power to still the stormy sea as I walk in the will of God.
Raphael holy archangel of the east, clothed in the glory of the dawn, do thy eternal work in me. Open my eyes that I may see the healing light pour forth from thee.
Gabriel Holy Archangel of the west, clothed in sea and foam, blow thy trumpet that I may hear the voice of the silence loud and clear and know that thou art here.
Michael, holy archangel of the south, clothed in garments of sacred flame, temper me with thy fiery might, walk with me in the starry night, that thy light may ignite my light
Uriel, holy archangel of the north, clothed in garments of mystery, let me know below and above as sure in my flight as the sacred dove, I can reach to tomorrow secure in thy love
Raise the vibe to help your tribe! Raising your vibe during self quarantine is key to thriving during the changing times. Everyday we are going to post different ways to keep your vibe high.
As per the research from Candace Pert PhD., “What happens when you’re happy, the . . .virus can’t enter the cell because the norepinephrine blocks all potential ”, Candace Pert, PhD., Molecules of Emotion, page 443
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Change Your Life by Asking: How Does Love View. . .

Change your life by asking, “How does love view (insert a problem you have) . . . This is an important tool to become sovereign. Love is the energy that is behind all form. It is the exhaustless riches of endless substance that we, as self-conscious being have the power to wield.

Everything you would ever want to manifest will come from the vibration of love. Money, abundance, health, connection are all emanations of the vibration of love.

This begs the question; why do we have so much hate and intolerance in the world? What would happen if we allowed love to peer through our eyes at some of the most challenging topics we face as individuals and as a species?

The ability to express love is a muscle that requires use to develop strength. The more we use it the more capacity we have to deeper levels of the vibration of Source. We have to train every atom of our bodies to deeper resonance to the vibration of love. We want to get to where our one focus is to express love beyond all else because the only true happiness is through the ability to channel this energy of the divine through our bodies that are resonance chambers for vibration. 

Exercise: How Does Love Feel About. . .

Get comfortable. You can either lay down or sit – the emphasis is on being comfortable. Turn off your phone and give yourself at least fifteen minutes of quiet time. Bring your awareness into your heart and ask your heart how love would look at one of the topics below. Dialog with your heart like you would a person. Ask further questions. Listen with your inner ear for a response.

Say to yourself: I Am Love and really feel that you are love. 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

How would love look at lack (lack of wealth, health or connection)? 

How does love view a politician you dislike? 

How does love view the changing climate? 

How does love view the pharmaceutical industry? 

How does love view endless wars? 

How does love look at the fiat money system? 

How does love look at race issues? 

How did observing your challenges in life through the eyes of love change your perspective? Did you gain more insights? Did it change how you view the challenge? Congratulations! You have had a journey into the world ov vibration! For more information about vibrational literacy and joining the life force to to our website or get our book.