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I Am Sovereign Classes


Host Simon and Suzie for in person instruction.

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Our Classes

Winter/Spring  2019/2020  Class Schedule

I Am Sovereign Foundational Class

Take the Foundational Class from founders Simon and Suzie Heilo online through Zoom.

This class lays the foundation to work with yourself and others on decoding vibration and loosening up crystallized identities.

You need this class to take more advanced levels of classes.

Upon completion you will recieve a practitioners certification.

Space is limited to 4 students at a time. Sign up now to ensure your place.

December 30 – Jan 6- 2019-2020

This is an 8 day class

Simon & Suzie Heilo


Includes VAT

I Am Sovereign Advanced Class

In this course we work intensively on removing blocks that keep you in a loop of limitation through crystallized identities. We take it step further and move through the layers that need control to allow your personality to be experienced as an instrument played by the vibration of love.

February 1-3, 2020

This is a 3 day class

Simon & Suzie Heilo


Includes VAT

Teachers Certification

Prerequisites: I Am Sovereign Foundational Class

In this course we certify you to teach I Am Sovereign Foundational Class.

Class online through Zoom.


March 1-16, 2020 (1 day off in the middle)

It is a 14 day class

Simon & Suzie Heilo


Includes VAT

Setting up a Good Foundation

Foundational Class

I Am Sovereign is an approach to life that reorients how you perceive yourself which opens the gate to your infinite potential. We do this through teaching vibrational literacy.

Vibrational literacy is the guidebook for being human. When you are able to cut through all the layers of limitations imposed on you from your genetic line, your childhood,  religions, inner saboteur, get out of the need to judge, you are able to live in a world where Source as vibration is your guide.

The information fractally encoded within vibrational frequencies can stand up to any moral or intellectual test.

This is accomplished by refining the personality to embody more essence through understanding your own sacredness. The more sacred you realize you are, the more of your essence you can embody. The more essence you embody, the more you are able to see that all things are working in concert to move you toward greater levels of expression of beauty and joy.

You may see that an experience in life is the cause of suffering but when you are able to read the energy of your own relationship to that event, then you can see it is really showing you where you are limiting your own access to your sovereignty.

When you can reorient your perspective to see everything as an opportunity to direct you into a deeper and more intimate relationship to yourself, which is really a relationship to Source, then life becomes a magical.

To get to this kind of relationship to life, there are many layers of identities and attitudes about life that we must dissolve through observation and divine reason. Through the I Am Sovereign Approach, we show you how to courageously delve into those veils and decode the messages there. As you go through this process you develop more trust and faith in yourself and the more access to deeper levels of fulfillment become available. The more fulfilled you are, the more your radiate that to all of creation and the more that fulfillment is mirrored back to you and all life.

Since we live in a feedback loop system and nothing exists but yourself expressed in an endless array of forms, when you feel fulfilled it has a profound effect on the condition of the planet. Everything is a mirror. You not only change your life and find your purpose, but you become a lightning rod for transmutation on this planet.

In this class you learn the I Am Sovereign Approach and take it to the deepest levels possible. Under the guidance of Simon and Suzie you are taken on an excursion of fun and playful exercises that both wow and inform you.

What you will learn:

  • Decoding Vibration
  • Deepening Intuition
  • Trusting your inner teacher
  • Working from the Lotus within the heart (Frequency Bands of Intelligence)
  • Working with the portals within the heart
  • Working with the toroidal fields of your heart, the earth, moon and sun.
  • Embodiment of the miracle that you are
  • The Magic of Being
  • Intigrating Trauma
  • Intigrating Crystallized Identities into Essence
  • Fractal Manifesting Process

Know Thyself

The Truth About Self

In this class you will be taken on an inward journey to locate and loosen up the tight and inflexibel parts that prevent you from allowing the energy of love to drive your experience in life. We will show you advanced techinques to realign to love. It is required to be proficient in the I Am Sovereign Foundational technique to take this class. 


Spreading the Love

Teachers Certification for the Foundational Class

In this 14 day teachers certification class, you will learn how to teach the I am Sovereign Foundational Class to others. We will guide you on how to guide others through their deeply embedded crystallized identities, projections and tricks the inner critic plays. We teach the class in 14 days with 2 days off in the middle of the class.