We thought you may be interested in the meaning of the I Am Sovereign logo. It contains all of the elements that are central to the I Am Sovereign Approach.

The Heart is the Central Point

While creating the logo for I Am Sovereign, we wanted the heart to be the central point because it is through trusting your own hearts wisdom is the best place to anchor your beingness. When we become identified with the wisdom of the heart, we resonate that intelligence to the brain and body. As a species, our real power to exit the matrix of fear is through our ability to align to love. Through love we come to embody our value as the unified field sees us. It is through love we can raise our frequency to transcend the mundane into the extraordinary. It is through the expression of love, kindness, gratitude, and compassion that we raise our vibration to experience life in awe. 

What is a Vector Equilibrium?

The second focal point in the center of the heart is the vector equilibrium, a symbol created by Buckminster Fuller that represents the structure of manifestation. I quote Buckminster Fuller,  “the vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings and nonhappenings: it is the empty theater and empty Universe intercoordinatingly ready to accommodate any act and any audience.” 

Our emotions are precious because they are the mechanism that influences the vector equilibrium out of balance, giving the energy required to make something manifest.  

Wings are a Symbol of Divinity

The wings are an homage to the Egyptian Winged Sun, representing divinity and royalty. And if the wings were not enough to symbolize your inherent value, we added the crown on top. You are so valuable. You matter. As soon as you can embody that value, new revelations will come forward. 

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