The Miracle of Touch

To Be Sovereign

You are designed to be sovereign. To be sovereign is to have the power to design your life, which is really an act of putting things in order. We will explore questions such as “What have I made my Source? Did I make my job my Source? Did I make my spouse my source? Do I see the energy of the Source of life itself outside of me?” Trouble arises when you make anything outside of you your source of fulfillment. Any of the simple examples above would have many cascading effects on your ability to design your life as a sovereign. When your Source is outside of you in any form, you have given your power away. Now you are chasing after fulfillment.

The Nature of Reality

Another big topic we will explore in this book is the nature of reality: what it is and how you actively participate in the creation of your own experience. The good news is that when you understand how it works, you will realize your inherent power to alter it.

The I Am Sovereign Approach is designed to guide you through the steps required to become fluent in the language of vibration. When you understand the language of vibration you access the control panel of physical reality. Through the course of this book, you will come to understand that vibration is a frequency that you can direct through your thoughts. This brings up the next logical question: How do you master your thoughts?

Society Programmed You

We get the conundrum here. There is an enormous effort to keep you thinking thoughts you are programmed to think through television, phones, education, and your ancestral and religious affiliations. You are constantly being told what to think.

In our book, we will aim to relieve that confusion by educating you on the mechanisms that trigger thoughts and how to work with them. Through understanding yourself, you will come to understand your power to master thought and transform that which is discordant back into alignment with the divine.

If more of us took up this inner work, we could change the world.

You Have the Power of the Universe

Imagine that the energy behind all creation is what we call primal consciousness. We call it that because it is an intelligent vibration that is beyond our current level of intelligence. Primal consciousness is pure life force that is ever noble and honorable, which you are able to send in any direction to manifest anything you think of. If you understand the mechanics of vibration and how it works in conjunction with primal consciousness, then you can apply this understanding directly to your life with real, tangible results.

Everything in your world can be seen as particles of energy bound together and vibrating at a rate that makes them seem solid. Even a rock that appears solid and stable is comprised of molecules, which themselves are comprised of atoms whose electrons are spinning around a nucleus. Atoms are neither still nor solid. At the quantum level, they are made of energy.

When Problems Arise

Problems arise when you have more faith in the physical manifestation of atoms and molecules than the subatomic energy and primal consciousness underlying them. The vibrational translators you use, your five primary senses, feed you information that seems so real that you can easily forget you are living in a world of vibration—if you ever knew it. Most of us were not taught this information, because it was only recently discovered by science.

Your Body is a Vibrational Resonance Chamber

All physical reality is consciousness concentrated into form through vibrational frequencies. In your human experience, you direct this vibration through your body, which acts as a resonance chamber for frequencies that mirror the level of consciousness you are demonstrating through your thoughts. When you direct primal consciousness through your thoughts and it shows up as an undesirable personality trait, an unpleasant experience, or a problem in your life, the best course of action is to recognize the presence of the discordant vibration and understand it.

You are learning to direct primal consciousness through your thoughts, and the world seems so real that it is easy to forget that everything is vibrational.

You are Living in a World of Illusion

In the world of illusion, nothing is ever permanent. The energy you are playing with is very real, and it will always be noble unless you avoid it or assign it to a separate negative Source, making it toxic. This is what separates you from the abundance, health, connection, and peace you seek.

With vibrational literacy, it is possible to live in the magic of being. When you can read vibrations in and around you and align yourself to the force of life, you can painlessly unfold into the unique and exquisite beauty that you are as an expression of the divine.

Self Knowledge Opens the Door to Freedom

The cosmic architect (which is really our own selves in a unified state) is only intent on moving each of us into deeper expressions of beauty and wonder. The I Am Sovereign Approach shows you how to trust the cosmic architect’s evolutionary intentions through a deep and honest relationship with yourself. The more you understand yourself and what you are capable of, the more you will understand and resonate with the evolutionary plan and see your role in it.

When we clue into the trajectory of our evolution through vibrational literacy, then we can flow with the plan rather than fighting against it.

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