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How would Love Look at Donald Trump? 

Continuing from my last blog, Resonating with love, I asked my heart center, how does Love look at Donald Trump?

Very first was a deep resonance of compassion for the president. Then, an image of the devil appeared.

The appearance of this image may seem like a judgement, but it was not. Like all superficial appearances, there is more beyond the surface.

The father of lies is what we know the devil as. The word devil comes from the Latin Diabolos, which means a transducer or a slanderer.

This suggests that the devil is the source of falsehood and mental confusion. What is the original lie that is the father of all lies?

It is the acceptance of the idea that matter is the only reality and Spirit is an intellectual abstraction. This is the error in thinking that begets all other errors in thinking. In this light, ignorance is the real devil, ignorance of the truth that all matter is spirit condensed into form. Even that which we judge as evil is still spirit behind the distortion.

When we remove the “D” from devil, we find the word evil. When we see the word evil, we reject what comes next. This is exactly where we revert to the original lie, that keeps us in ignorance. That matter is more real and powerful than spirit.

When we reject anything, we are really rejecting spirit.

Imagine spirit as electricity. It is an energy we can use to help and an energy we can use to harm. The energy itself is already pure and full of potential.

By denying anything through rejection, we inactivate essential energies and creative forces it contains, so they stagnate. Since matter is really the concentration of spirit, when it stagnates it putrefies and becomes unproductive.

As self-conscious beings, we have power over the way this energy flows and condenses into form based on our own attitude of the energy behind the manifestation. If it appears as evil, and we reject it then we are adding to the stagnation of the energy originally distorted by Trump.

When we can accept that the energy behind the 45th presidents destructive agenda is the energy of spirit which is intrinsically good and life affirming, then we can reverse all semblances of what we perceive as evil.

Don’t give him more power to be destructive by rejecting him. Acknowledge his behavior is undesirable, but it is still rooted in Source. Then acknowledge the same qualities within yourself, to what ever degrees and recognize that those inner undesirable qualities are also rooted in Source. This is how you take your power back. This is how we can reanimate the life force on this planet.

When I looked at Donald Trump through the eyes of love, this is what I saw.