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The ability to express love is a muscle that requires use to develop strength. The more we use it the more capacity we have to deeper levels of the vibration of Source. We have to train every atom of our bodies to deeper resonance to the vibration of love. We want to get to where our one focus is to express love beyond all else because the only true happiness is through the ability to channel this energy of the divine through our bodies that are resonance chambers for vibration. 


Say to yourself: I Am Love and really feel that you are love. 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

When I am love, how does that change my thinking? 

How does love feel about Donald Trump? 

How does love feel about the changing climate? 

How does love feel about the pharmaceutical industry? 

How does love view endless wars? 

How does love look at the fiat money system? 

How does love look at race issues? 

How would love look at conservatives as a progressive? 

I invite you to look at these questions through the eyes of love and note your responses. Tomorrow, I will post my findings from this exercise.