Most of us are unwilling to observe the parts of our personalities that are less evolved as we wished they were. This lack of awareness about ourselves is a great loss because this is exactly where the power to transform our lives is available. 

When we are unaware of what is within, even if it is unflattering and downright ugly in its current form, it shuts us off from being able to love and respect ourselves. In fact, this denial adds to the troubles of the world in a very direct way. 

Everything in existence is consciousness concentrated into form. Consciousness is a vibration and within that vibration is energy. Everything in our physical reality is ever flowing and changing and never fixed because it is vibration. 

When we reject any aspect of our reality, we are cutting off the movement of the life force (vibration) within that consciousness. When consciousness concentrates into form and we reject it, stagnates and becomes rancid. It negates life. 

This is how the denial of anything disconnects us from the life force and adds to the troubles of the world. 

Source is much like electricity. It is an energy that powers our reality but it is not responsible for how we use that energy. When we intend to use electricity to help or heal, it does this. When we intend to use this energy to hurt and harm, it does this too. Electricity itself is unattached and without judgement on how it we use it. 

For beauty and joy to exist, its opposite ugliness and sorrow must also exist. We, as conscious creators, are free to create from the palate of duality in any combination of experience we choose. 

We often create destructively because of false identities that weave wrong concepts, ideas, and perceptions that inadvertently manifest as evil. 

The secret to reversing all semblance of evil is to be honest and recognize it when you see it, acknowledge it is temporary, accept it exists and remember it is rooted in Source. All forms in physical reality are temporary. When we are honest about what exists within and around us and accept it through understanding its roots are in the vibration of Source, it changes back into alignment with all the life-giving properties. 

Start by recognizing any resonance within yourself to greed, blame, self-pity, insolence, envy, pride, hostility, gluttony, bitterness, lust, or selfishness. Recognize the resonance within you. Acknowledge its presence. Accept it. Know it is temporary. Remember, it is rooted in Source. Now, take this same formula and apply it to the outer world.

As each of us commits to this, it reanimates the lifeless back into the vibration of the energy that drives our heartbeat. 

When we can remember that evil is a temporary distortion of the energy flowing from Source, it is possible to accept it fully and through that acceptance it transforms, transmutes and transfigures. What was once malicious is now delightful and life affirming. 

This knowledge sting out of spiritual work. No need to condemn yourself for having less evolved aspects in your personality. No need to deal with the inner critic and transformation becomes effortless. No need to fixate on anything because nothing is irreversible. 

Anytime we are in avoidance of what we find unpleasant, destructive, or undesirable we are unconsciously creating a loss of life force in our reality.