Up Your Manifesting Game

Manifestation, the Law of Attraction, whatever you want to call it, is a very popular topic—and for good reason! It’s the idea that you attract what you focus on, and we all want to attract the good stuff—especially when it comes to our careers, relationships, and bank accounts. That’s why we’re sharing time-tested tips to help you up your manifestation game.

We are going to show you how to up your manifestation game. We all want to have more control over our lives to attract better health, our soulmate and increase our abundance are just a few ways we would like more game in our manifesting.

Magical Thinking

To truly gain sovereignty over your life you must switch from magical thinking to thinking magically. Magical thinking is when you believe that attempting to bypass your true feelings will finally give you access to all the spoils of your past desires, or assuming that you need to preform a special formula to connect to Source and command it to be so. These things rarely work and if they do, they are short lived. If you are reading this blog, you already know the limitations of this kind of thinking.

Thinking Magically

Thinking magically is when you embrace all the powers of being human you were born with. You don’t have to acquire anything because they are aspects of your personality you have been using your whole life. At first glance they may seem mundane and uninteresting but as you get to understand how these aspects are connected to your ability to design your life, you can put them to good use in the tried and true way of life design that goes back to the Golden Age of Egypt. For lasting change thinking magically is the better choice.

Your True Magical Powers

All the power you need to design your life is in your possession right now. You don’t have to learn anything new, nor do you have to sign up for an expensive class because you have already been using these powers all of your life. You are already an expert. The only difference is, you will understand how important they are to successfully redesigning your life.

Reason a True Magical Power

Reason is your true magical power. Reason is your ability to weigh and measure, to tear things apart and look inside and through that process several very magical things happen. First, when you focus your mind on solving a problem, or imagining how to create something it engages powers that trigger Universal Intelligence that communicates to you solutions. Have you ever been so focused on solving a problem and out of nowhere the solution just occurs?

This happened to me recently. I was attempting to get my SMPT email service to work. I could not figure out why it wasn’t working. I looked at YouTube videos, red articles, talked to my host provider, no no avail. Then after I slept, I woke up – looked at my SMPT folder and all the sudden I knew it was the email I was attempting to use. I changed it to the email of my WordPress site and everything worked. I really don’t know how I came up with that solution other than it occurred from a higher intelligence.

When you use reason effectively, it allows you to make good decisions after weighing, measuring and employing intelligence to your pursuit. This is your number one power to creating the life you want.

Our biggest asset is our ability to observe and learn. When we use our ability to reason we don’t take things at face value. We look under the hood, check the tires, and most importantly we look beyond superficial impressions. This is a good habit that pays off huge dividends. Reason is the powerful tool of thinking magically that can be crucial in making decisions in your life that determine your quality of life.

Have a Definite Desire

Your mind is like a tiger in a cage. You have to give it something to do in order to get the most out of it. Letting it run wild without a direction is pointless. It will get you in all kinds of trouble! You can nip this in the bud by deciding on one thing you would like to experience in your life. That could be health, wealth, or love. Anything.

If you want to manifest health, then imagine yourself in the present with clear, pink finger nails, a healthy glow to the skin, imagine healthy organs like bright pink lungs, or kidneys bright and free of any blocks or damage.

If you are looking to manifest your soulmate, then in the present time frame, imagine the qualities of that person. Notice how it feels to be with them, what kinds of things would you do together?

If you are looking to increase your abundance, get specific. What kind of abundance are you really looking for? Freedom? Money? Connections? Instead of imagining yourself handling lots of cash, start imagining ways you could acquire the cash. Imagine yourself in the present moment getting that job, starting that successful business, or receiving an inheritance.

Just take some time during the day to imagine images of your desire in the present tense. I find this works best if you use first thing in the morning and last thing before sleeping.

Focus is a Powerful Tool

Focus is right up there in terms of reason for powerful tools for thinking magically. Focusing your attention is the point most of the pop-$piritual leaders sell you. And it isn’t wrong, just incomplete. What you allow to have your attention is literally getting an audience with God. Your consciousness is the exact same consciousness of Source. What you allow into your awareness is imprinting your subconscious mind. I have another blog on the subconscious mind you can check out here. For now, I won’t go into detail about the subconsciousness but you can check out that link. Your subconscious mind has deductive reasoning. This means everything you do, think or say is being recorded (it can never be unrecorded) and it takes all the information and fashions your next reality from the impressions you give it. Think of it like this: Your thoughts words and deeds are the steering wheel and the subconsciousness is the engine that gets you where ever it is directed to.

You can see what gets your attention is key. This is why at I Am Sovereign, we like you to choose a desire to work on. This gives your subconsciousness a direction to create from. But, you can’t focus on worry and think you won’t get driven to more things to worry about.

This is why we have written our book and offer personal appointments. We help you move past the need to worry using the I AM Sovereign Approach. Gentle shadow work.

Be Orderly

It may seem like a small thing but if you look at planets moving at incredible speeds yet they all move in an orderly way. Seasons and the ebb and flow of the tides, all show you that order is a pattern of the intelligence of the universe. When we practice being orderly, we align to the cosmic rhythms that embolden our manifesting capabilities.

As we prepare our environment to be orderly, it prepares our mind to resonate to the order of the natural abundance of life.

Start by making your desk orderly, then move to the kitchen, and as you put order to your working rooms, try to organize everything so it makes the work fluid. An example of this would be to put items you use the most in easy to reach places.

The Power of Listening – A Real Asset

Listen more is the next potent magical tool. When you take the time to really listen to others magical things happen instantly. First, you gain admiration and respect from those around you because it feels good to really be listened to. Second, it engages an energy of empathy and compassion for your fellow earthlings. This triggers more energy to design your life.

The Power of Silence – Bigger than you Realize

Practice talking less. Be as silent as is possible. When you practice silence it builds energy for manifestation. What ever you do, never, ever talk about your plans or your desires. It reduces the energy to create it. Obviously, if you are building a house, you must speak to those involved, but otherwise keep it on need to know basis. You will be surprised at how powerful your manifesting is when you practice this.

When we quiet our wagging tongues, we cut out the gossip. Gossip is one of the most energy draining activities we can engage in. When we practice silence, it ends this energy hogging habit.

We invite you to practice Thinking Magically instead of magical thinking. If you seriously practice what we suggest you will see your manifestations get the power boost you were looking for. At no extra cost.