I Am Sovereign

Practical instructions to keep yourself, your family and your tribe thriving, during these turbulent times.


The planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are ever active in the year 2020 and wreaking havoc. So far we have had fires, hurricanes, and super storms and let’s not forget about the global pandemic. What if you knew the one simple trick to be able to use the powerful energies of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter to remove all restrictions, to keep you and your family thriving during these turbulent times, would you do it?

We invite you to watch this video and step into your sovereignty.

You Have Always Had the Power

Don’t spend another minute waiting for the next horrible, life changing event to happen. Take the reigns in hand and start using the vibrations of the current constellations to increase the freedom, beauty and abundance in this world. We have a rare opportunity to reverse the damage we have done to the water, the earth and our environment. We have an opportunity to bring justice and balance to our world and reverse all insanity to wisdom, health and prosperity to all life. Watch this video to get practical instructions to keep yourself, your family and your tribe not just safe but thriving, during these turbulent times.

Don’t Get Side Tracked

There is nothing more important to get savvy on than the information in this video. Put the information into practice and join the Life Force. When you do, you become a real channel for change. Don’t let this opportunity to reverse all restrictions pass you by. Accept the challenge today.

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