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What to Expect in a Powerful I Am Sovereign Appointment

Do you wonder what to expect in an I Am Sovereign appointment? Below is a really good explanation of what to expect.

A client of ours, Amanda, came to us frustrated because she could not find a new job as a paralegal although she had the right qualifications. She would interview at a law firm, sometimes even being invited to come back for second and third interviews, yet the prospective employers always hired another candidate.

After being introduced to the I Am Sovereign Approach and becoming vibrationally literate through an appointment, Amanda discovered how much of her energy she was investing in resentment. Certainly, she resented not being selected for the jobs she wanted, but as she followed the energy back to its origin, she discovered that the source of her resentment originated in her relationship with her father. Her father was always too busy to spend time with her as a child and she interpreted that as a rejection of her value. Her mind had concluded that she was unlovable, an idea that was unbearably painful. As a defense mechanism, she channeled that pain into resentment.

Because of the magnetic nature of energy, resentment changed both how Amanda perceived the world and how people reacted to her. Throughout her life, Amanda had frequently experienced rejection.

In the Appointment You Will Find the Pattern of Discomfort

Once she saw the source of this painful pattern, Amanda recognized the presence of the internalized image of herself as unlovable and it was not what she wanted. This was a big step in her process. She owned up to the fact that this manifestation existed and admitted it was destructive. Most of the time we simply avoid our destructive inner attitudes, but when we can directly face one, admitting it is there, this is a huge milestone.

Amanda then acknowledged that neither the rejection nor the image of being unlovable was the absolute truth; both were temporary mental distortions. Oftentimes, we become so intertwined with internalized images picked up during childhood that we have the idea that our self-images are the final and absolute truth. You can curtail your spiritual growth when you avoid these painful ideas about yourself.

It is common to have the urge to deny any notion of being unlovable because it is so painful that you want to avoid it at all costs. But when you remind yourself that nothing is ever final, that life is an ever-changing phantasmagoria of our thoughts, this can lead you to a deep feeling of relief. At this point, it will be much easier to go forward in your spiritual growth.

Amanda then remembered that the ever noble and honorable primal consciousness was directed by her own self, albeit unconsciously, through the thoughts that her own false image of being unlovable produced.

During the Appointment You Will Find Everything is Really Divine

This is another important step in the Sovereign Self-Treatment System. When you can recognize that no matter how awful a manifestation is—even the image of being unlovable—and that at its essence the force behind the manifestation is always divine, as well as taking responsibility for directing primal consciousness to manifest into a painful experience, then you have found the key to sovereignty.

After recognizing, acknowledging, and remembering, Amanda was ready to accept the vibration of her erroneous, unlovable identity completely. This is where her true transformation occurred.

When you can accept what is without resistance of any kind, it realigns the energy back to the divine essence of primal consciousness. This not only changed Amanda’s life, but it contributed to the betterment of all life.

When you are unconsciously projecting your pain outward (and in Amanda’s case, the pain was resentment), it pollutes the general atmosphere for everyone.

The Best Part of the Appointment

Amanda then allowed love to flow through her personality, filling all the spaces where her identity was intertwined with being unlovable. This reoriented her identity back to love. When she did this, it filled the void where the identity of being unlovable used to be. This allowance was really a surrendering of Amanda’s separate will to the will of love.

As she moved through these steps, Amanda’s need to use resentment as a defense mechanism dissolved, and the energy that had been stagnant in her life suddenly was alive and flowing again and ready to be redirected into a new type of experience. This vibrational shift changed everything. Two weeks later, she reported getting her dream job.

Amanda’s story is one among hundreds of similar stories we’ve heard from people who have used our method with success. Book an appointment here.

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