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We Offer Workshops and Personal I Am Sovereign Coaching to Become Vibrationally Literate Can Help You Master  the Art of Life Design

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When was the last time you looked at the world with wonder?

Have you ever thought about what would you need to be truly, heart expanded, and soul deeply, fulfilled?

Everyone is Welcome

In this free bi-monthly workshop, we will be showing you how to direct and invest vibration through your body to anchor love to this reality. As a result of understanding how vibration works, you become an anchor of the vibration of love. Above all, you realize that everything you could ever want ultimately comes through the vibration of love.

What do you Want?

Take a moment to think of something you would like to see manifest.

Did abundance come to mind? Vibrant health? Deep connection to others? Peace? Balancing mind, body and spirit? All of these desires are possible only through the vibration of love. Consequently, when you learn how to direct and invest consciousness you also elevate yourself.

Fractal Manifesting Technique

Using the powerful I Am Sovereign Fractal Manifesting Technique as described in our book, I Am Sovereign, A Handbook for Learning the Language of Vibration, we will show you to master directing our consciousness. As each of participant becomes more adept at directing and investing primal vibration, we will work together to put toxic, inverted vibration back into alignment to the divine order.


Next Free Fractal Manifesting Workshop May 24, 2020


Pacific Coast 10:00 Am
East Coast: 1:00 PM
Mountain time: 11:00 Am
Central Time: 12:00 noon
Sao Paulo Brazil: 3:00 PM
Mexico City: 12:00 noon
Greece: 8:00 PM
Perth Australia: 1:00 AM
New Zealand: 5:00 AM
If you need a time zone not shown, contact us and we will let you know.
I Am Sovereign, A Handbook for Learning the Language of Vibration shows you how to use vibration to change the paradigm personally and globally.  We go deeper to reveal the mechanics of manifesting and how to transform toxic and destructive frequencies back into alignment to love.

 You are the writer, director and actor in your own play. You may as well do it consciously.

“Vibrational literacy, understanding your personal energy vibration, is an important step toward raising your consciousness and recognizing your true self. I Am Sovereign is a comprehensive method of self-care and personal empowerment based on deep, heartfelt recognition and acceptance of your God-like inner essence. Simon and Suzie Heilo have a rare gift for working with the subtle energy of human consciousness. This work is their gift to the evolution of the consciousness of the world.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Author and Host of Iyanla Fix My Life (OWN)

Join the Life Force!

Access the control panel of reality

  Connect to the endless abundance that powers physical form

Be the force of justice in an unjust world

  Re-align any discordant vibration back into alignment with the life force


 What is it costing you to depend on the current system for your security and safety?

How much anxiety do you experience from feeling powerless over your circumstances?

If you could bring balance back into the environment, wouldn’t you do it?

With vibrational literacy you hold the power over the control panel to your reality.


I am so impressed! Suzie and Simon have created a technique that was gentle, and simple. I’ve been meditating using Joe Dispenza’s method for the past several months and have found that to be the quickest way for me to release old personality layers, but this surpassed it.It was easy. I feel profound clarity. I am grateful. Thank youEbony Anderson

Empower Your Brilliance, Yoga Studio

About Us

Psychospiritual Councelors and Mentors

Simon and Suzie Heilo, coauthors, cofounders and codirectors of training of the I Am Sovereign Approach, are psychospiritual counselors on the cutting edge of the complementary health scene in Europe. They currently reside in Bremen Germany.

Simon & Suzie Heilo